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Advisory Board

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Craig Brestrup

Ph.D. in Medical and Environmental Ethics
Experience: Animal welfare advocacy, Nonprofit organizations, Sanctuary leadership, Ethics  

Jonathan Balcombe

Experience: Animal behavior and ethics; Author of Pleasurable Kingdom, Second Nature, and The Exultant Ark

David Brown

M.A. in Primate Cognition and Behavior, Internet Entrepreneur
Experience: Primate care and enrichment, Research with monkeys and apes, Positive reinforcement training, Internet marketing

Kathleen Conlee

Director of Program Management: Animal Research Issues, Humane Society of the U.S.
Experience: Nonhuman primate behavior, Animal welfare legislation, Environmental enrichment/stress reduction, Nursery care, Care of psychologically disturbed primates

Lynn Cuny

Sanctuary Director, Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation, Inc.
Experience: Animal welfare advocacy, Nonprofit organizations, Sanctuary leadership group formation and rehabilitation of nonhuman primates in a sanctuary setting

Neil Stuber

Co-Founder of Hurraw! Balm
Experience: Management, Philanthropy, Art Direction 

Viktor Reinhardt

D.V.M., Ph.D., Animal Welfare Institute
Experience: Nonhuman primate handling through positive reinforcement training, Positive reinforcement training, Animal welfare, Working with nonhuman primates in a research setting

Polly Schultz

Executive Director, OPR Coastal Primate Sanctuary
Experience: Environmental enrichment, Positive reinforcement training, Primate retirement, Transportation, and Rehabilitation

Evelyn Skoumbourdis

M.S. in Biological Psychology
Experience: Data collection, Nonhuman primate handling through positive reinforcement training, Pharmaceutical studies using laboratory animals, Veterinary techniques

Peggy Wagner

Masters in Psychology
Experience: Habitat design, Primate behavior, Scientific writing, Animal welfare legislation

John Trybus

B.A. Political Science and Communications (in progress)
Experience: Public Relations, Journalism, Nonprofit development, Fundraising

Debra Curtin

President and Founder of New England Primate Conservancy
Experience: Management and leadership, Nonprofit organization development, Adult training and development, Sales and marketing

Tori Kaldenberg-Spinoso

B.S. – Biology with a Captive Animal emphasis, MAIS-Zoo & Aquarium Leadership with a concentration in Conservation Education (in progress)
Experience: Captive animal husbandry, Primate introductions, Environmental enrichment, Positive reinforcement training, Animal behavior, Wildlife rehabilitation, Zoological education programs

Lisa Robinson-LaBarge

B.S. in Zoology with emphasis in Neurobiology and Animal Behavior
Experience: Veterinary techniques, Animal training through positive reinforcement with primates and other mammals, Habitat design, Multi-species husbandry, Primate introduction, Wildlife rehabilitation, Animal education program, Enrichment director, Head animal keeper

Patrick D. Webb

President, National Wildlife Humane Society (NWHS) – Founder/Director, Top Of The Rock Wildlife Sanctuary
Experience: Sanctuary construction, management and operations, including (but not limited to) wild felines, for 20+ years; Native wildlife rescue and rehab (currently inactive due to other wildlife commitments); Global collaboration with “in situ” wildlife conservation organizations (NWHS Wildlife Conservation Allies); Nonprofit management, expansion, and fundraising; Internet Nonprofit Social Communications & Applications

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