This is the place for future primates.

Our Sanctuary Plan

At right is a 3D rendering of our vision for the future primate housing, designed by Midwest Modern Architecture.

It is a spacious and secure indoor building with a covered outdoor enclosure; each sanctuary building housing 5-20 monkeys will fit on a ½ acre.

During inclement weather, monkeys will be housed indoors but they will have three greenhouse-type rooms to dwell between to keep them occupied. Since thousands of monkeys could be retired if enough sanctuaries were available, Primates Incorporated aims to serve as an innovative prototype so that a primate sanctuary can be built by caring communities in any climate.

In 2015, we installed a driveway and parking lot, and we completed our nature trail with benches. In 2016, we broke ground on the foundation of the monkey sanctuary. We remain debt free with our progress as our goal is to raise the funds ahead of time to cover the sanctuary and six months of operating costs.

We also need to construct a house for animal care staff and storage shed, in addition to installing a well and septic system. The estimated budget to launch this innovative sanctuary in order to help our first monkey is $385,000.

Our Land

Located in the town of Springfield in Marquette County, Wisconsin, this beautiful piece of land will accommodate spacious and secure homes for future primates. It is 17.29 acres of mixed meadow and wooded areas, and is situated just north of the small town of Westfield, Wisconsin. View a few photos of the land below. Please contact if you would like to visit the nature trail and we will send you directions. A special thank you is in order to Mari and Patrick Buchholz who provided a very generous donation that allowed us to purchase the land and remain debt free as we reach our goals and gain more support. We want to thank all of our donors and volunteers over the years who helped us make this great progress. This progress helped us receive a grant from the DJ&T foundation that helped us break ground on the monkey sanctuary. Your support has been integral in our success and allows us to continue to work diligently on fulfilling our goal of helping primates retire from research facilities!

Unique Aspects

This land is home to a large swath of native Wisconsin flowers and plants, which we plan to maintain to help preserve the population of the federally-endangered Karner Blue Butterfly.


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