Calling all Businesses!

We are wondering if you might have any extra materials or supplies that will help us fulfill our non-profit mission of constructing a much-needed indoor/outdoor monkey sanctuary near Westfield, WI that will provide permanent homes to monkeys retiring from research facilities, the pet monkey trade, and the entertainment industry.

I worked in a lab 15 years ago with 97 rhesus monkeys, which inspired me to form Primates Incorporated. I thought the very least we could do is send them to an enriching and spacious sanctuary after their time in research, don’t you agree?

For additional donation opportunities, please view our wish list here:

We also have sponsorship opportunities here:

We are set to complete construction and retire the first three male rhesus monkeys on November 29th from an out-of-state laboratory. Please see River’s picture below – he is the youngest of the three monkeys awaiting retirement.

Your tax-deductible donation is greatly appreciated!

Thank you in advance for your consideration and support.


Amy Kerwin, M.B.A.

President and Founder, Primates Incorporated

PO Box 7384

Madison, WI 53707


This is the first indoor/outdoor structure that can house 4-20 monkeys, and it is estimated to cost $300,000 after it’s completed. We would use the chain link fencing to create the enclosures and walkways.


River – 4 yr old male rhesus monkey – one of three rhesus monkeys on a waiting list to be retired.The lab has donated toward the building costs, and for two years of his care. He will live to 30 or more years old. Please help if you can, thank you!



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