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Kerwin, 2006. Overcoming the Barriers to the Retirement of Old and New World Monkeys From Research Facilities. Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science 9(4), p. 337-347, view full article – courtesy of Animals and Society Institute: Download PDF

How to Improve Animal Welfare at a Faster Pace – By Amy Kerwin (submitted to the USDA in 2005): Kerwin_2005_improving primate welfare

Kerwin, Oct 2007. Giving Back to the Monkeys. Isthmus. View

Clicker Training Techniques – by Amy Kerwin: Download Word Doc


-The need for primate rescue and retirement, by the Born Free Primate Sanctuary: View


-Heartwarming video, Operation Monkey Trek at Primarily Primates: View

-Destruction of Orangutans’ Habitat: View

-Explore Animals – educational videos about animals:



2014 Presentation to MedicRes on How to Overcome the Barriers: presentation_barriers_oct16


Retirement Success Stories

25 Java macaques were retired from a pharmaceutical company and retired to Primarily Primates in 2010: View

Laboratory Capuchins Retired to Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary: View

Rhesus Monkeys Retired to Mindy’s Memory Primate Sanctuary: Download Word doc

“Tamarin Town: From Research to Retirement”: View

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Please don’t participate in the exotic pet trade and buy a pet monkey: View

New England Primate Conservancy: Primates by the Numbers: View


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