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Gift Certificates or Products

(for our silent auctions)

9G, 2″x2″ Chain-link Fencing

(for monkey enclosures, walkways, and also the 6-ft perimeter fence that is required by the USDA)

Digital Video Cameras

(to monitor and evaluate primate behavior)

16×20 Shed

(for storage of lawn maintenance equipment)

Mac Laptop

(for data storage and primate behavior analysis)


(bamboo plants, fig trees, and banana trees for indoor enclosures;

raspberry and blackberry plants for perimeter of property; prairie land plants to help maintain our 10-acre butterfly habitat)

Riding Lawn Mower

(for mowing pathways and for nature trail)

Generator – (LP Gas powered)

Solar Panels

(for Green Energy)

Vehicle to Haul Food Donations

PVC Pipe

(for benches, enrichment devices, you name it!)

Fruit & Vegetable Donations

(from farmers and grocery stores)


(to haul large potted plants in and out of enclosures)

Gutters for Mobile Home

Washer and Dryer

(one set needed for animal care staff; one set needed for monkey blankets and cloth enrichment items)

Environmental Enrichment for the Monkeys:

Wooden or plastic swings (two tree branches attached by rope)

Tree trunk swing (slab of tree with holes in for ropes)

Kong toys

Large plastic pipe swing

Timothy hay

Sitting platform made from slab of tree trunk

Woodchips, shavings or wood wool

Thick rope

Large plastic barrels

Monkey bars

Light weight plastic chains

Benches for resting or huddling

Two small pools (black rubber)

Searching Tub/Thick plastic or rubber tub (eg. Add dry leaves, wood chips, grass) with food mixed in or water

Plastic Crates

Telephone books

Kiddie pool or bathtub

Wood wool

Playground equipment/slides

Tennis balls

Dispenser for food on outside of cage – monkey pulls handle, which releases food onto ground in woodchips, grass, or something so they have to search for it.

Food cylinder – plastic cylinder with holes that has to be rotated (like toilet paper) for food to fall out.

Paint rollers to put molasses and grits on


Gum ball machine to dispense portions of seeds for nature trail visitors – will help restore prairie land and will help raise funds for the sanctuary.

Transport cages/caging for emergencies

People to help with welding or woodwork

Plexiglass Panels

Fine Mesh Panels

Large food storage buckets/containers for monkey chow (ie. Those used for storing dog food)


Metal fork dividers made by welder

Ledges going into chain link made by welder

Water Hoses

Washer and dryer


Washer and dryer for monkey items

Monkey caging that can be used for medical emergencies and also modified to assess socialization possibilities

Medical Room Supplies for Emergencies



Anesthetic machine

Stainless steel table


Scale used in veterinary clinics to weigh dogs. We will train the monkeys to stand on the scale in exchange for their favorite treat!

For Animal Care Staff

First aid kit

Safety goggles

Face masks

Nitrile gloves

Face shields

Shoe covers

Please email amy@primatesinc.com to set something up!


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