Gift Certificates or Products

(for our silent auctions)

9G, 2″x2″ Chain-link Fencing

(for monkey enclosures, walkways, and also the 6-ft perimeter fence that is required by the USDA)

16×20 Shed

(for storage of lawn maintenance equipment)


(for primate hammocks)

Playground Equipment

(sturdy climbing structures)

Concrete Culverts

(for primates to run through)


(bamboo plants, fig trees, and banana trees for indoor enclosures; raspberry and blackberry plants for perimeter of property; prairie land plants to help maintain our 10-acre butterfly habitat)


(for primates to climb on)

Solar Panels

(for Green Energy)

Building Materials

(PVC pipe and stainless steel are needed to build climbing structures and benches )

Medical Supplies

(Supplies needed for medical room where we will perform annual physicals and teeth cleaning while the monkeys are sedated under veterinary care)

Fruit & Vegetable Donations (from farmers and grocery stores)

Vehicle to Haul Food Donations

Washer and Dryer

(one set needed for animal care staff; one set needed for monkey blankets and cloth enrichment items)

Freezer and Fridge

(one set needed for animal care staff; one set needed for monkey food storage and food-related enrichment items)

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