Thank you Midwest Modern for the Innovative Sanctuary Plans!



Thanks so much to Kyle Dumbleton and Midwest Modern for translating our vision into a reality! This first indoor/outdoor structure will be capable of housing up to 20 Old World monkeys. We aim to construct four more of these innovative structures over the next ten years to retire up to 100 monkeys from research facilities, the pet trade, and the entertainment industry. During the day, the monkeys will always be able to enter the greenhouse enclosures in the wintertime. The monkeys will also be able to dwell in the outdoor enclosures during the nice weather we have here in Wisconsin 🙂

Please visit to help us get this first monkey sanctuary model up and running and helping our first three rhesus monkeys this fall! The walls are up, the well is in, the septic permit is approved, and the mobile home for the animal care staff and the greenhouses are being delivered next week! Thank you to our angel lenders, Jim Coats, and Metta Construction for ensuring this construction process goes smoothly!

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