Volunteer Positions

Volunteer Program Purpose Statement
The purpose of the Primates Incorporated volunteer program is to engage the local community in researching educational resources and assisting in fundraising to ensure a quality indoor/outdoor sanctuary will be built in southern Wisconsin.

Grant Editor

Position Description: Read grant proposal directions. Edit grant proposal; check for clarity and grammar and ensure that directions were followed.
Skills Required: Proficient in Microsoft Word, Experience editing papers, Detail-oriented.
One-Time/Ongoing: Ongoing
Hours Required: 2-4 hours per month

Grant Writer

Position Description: Read grant proposal directions. Formulate grant proposal in accordance with directions.
Skills Required: Proficient in Microsoft Word, Experience writing papers and/or grants.
One-Time/Ongoing: One Time
Hours Required: 10-15 hours total

Document Editor

Position Description: The document will be sent as a Microsoft Word document to your email address. Edit the document using Track Changes. Check for clarity, grammar and to see if we are following the directions properly.
Skills Required: Proficient in Microsoft Word, Experience with editing papers
One-Time/Ongoing: Ongoing
Hours Required: 1-2 hours per month

Internet Researcher

Position Description: Research companies and their funding guidelines for nonprofit organizations. Paste business’ website links and funding guidelines into a Microsoft Word document and send it to amy@primatesinc.com.
Skills Required: Proficient in Microsoft Word and Internet research techniques.
One-Time/Ongoing: Ongoing
Hours Required: 2 hours per month

Article Reviewer

Position Description: Review a scientific journal article related to primate housing, enrichment, or welfare; Review a business article related to fundraising, accounting, organizational behavior, or taxes. Write a summary of the article and how it pertains to Primates Incorporated and its mission.
Skills Required: Proficient in Microsoft Word, Knowledge and understanding of academic articles
One-Time/Ongoing: Ongoing
Hours Required: ~3 hours every two months

Send article summary to amy@primatesinc.com and/or review the article at our monthly meeting.

Additional Research

  • Research vegetation – what is the most naturalistic environment that we can provide in a greenhouse setting…
    and outdoors (outdoor vegetation must be able to withstand cold temperature)

  • Examine various forms of nonhuman primate housing across research facilities, zoos, and
    refuges. Write up a report assessing the variation in housing and provide recommendations.

  • Create a report discussing the nutritional requirements for various nonhuman primate species

  • Create a report discussing the different troop formation structures of certain species in the wild.

  • Research literature, write paper pertaining to the effects of captivity on human & primate brain chemistry.


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